My name is Damien Quigg and this is my personal blog, where I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences of moving towards taking a greater responsibility for my life.

For years, I was an active drug addict/alcoholic, was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of sixteen, bipolar affective disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder later in life and have attempted to take my own life on several occasions. In  August 2002, after yet another failed suicide attempt, I decided to stop taking drugs and alcohol and by the grace of what I choose to call my Higher Power, have remained abstinent ever since.

I’ve had many different “labels” applied to me by the so-called professionals (drs) ¬†in psychiatric medicine, been given many different “medications”, none of which ever worked and in November 2015, I decided that this is my body and I am responsible for what I put into it, so I stopped all prescribed drugs and this blog is about me sharing my journey with anyone who cares to read what I write.