Meeting my true self

I believe that humanity is going through a mass awakening process with regards to the fundamental truths of who we are and why we are here on this planet. This past weekend, I met my true self for the first time and I love him.

In November 2015, I made a decision to discard the labels that the medical profession had placed on me and declared my intention to stop taking prescribed “medication”. When I told him of my intention, my GP predicted that I would be locked up in a mental institution within six months. That was nine months ago and I have not been anywhere near, let alone locked up in a mental institution. My original intention on the day I told my GP, was to gradually taper off medication under his medical supervision, but when he threatened and tried to scaremonger me in that way, I decided to take matters into my own hands and stopped taking lithium that day. Three months later, I had a new GP and under his supervision, I also stopped taking the anti depressant venlaflexine, which I had been taking continually for almost nine years.

From moving away from my country of origin, to cutting all ties with my family of origin and deciding that a raging drug and alcohol addiction was no longer for me, I have made many excellent decisions in my life, but I believe with all sincerity that the best one I ever made was to stop taking psychiatric “medication” and discard the labels that had been attached to me by the medical “profession”. For the purposes of clarity, I am not in any way suggesting that anyone simply stop taking whatever “medications” they have been prescribed, but rather sharing my own experience of having done so. I did then and still take full responsibility for the choices I made, which most definitely were against medical advice. Something that my previous GP had said on an earlier occasion rang true and struck me like a flash of light. It was one of those “lightbulb moments” where suddenly everything became clear. He had told me that this is my body and while he can and will prescribe whatever drugs he thinks appropriate under the circumstances, it is  entirely my choice whether or not to put them in my body.

I am grateful that I experienced absolutely no il-effects of abruptly stopping the lithium and in fact, I very quickly began to think more clearly, felt more confident in myself, began to crave some of the foods I had once enjoyed and the “brain fog” was starting to shift. Understandably, there were some side effects when I finally stopped taking the anti depressant however and for about seven days, I had a sensation as if there were worms crawling through my blood, intermittent mild electric shocks and a slight feeling of nausea. I found meditation to be a very useful tool in getting through the initial few days and constantly reminded myself that this too would pass. There were times when I would get frightened and wonder whether or not I was doing the right thing and on these occasions I would remind myself that my body is reacting to not having something of which there was a constant supply for the previous nine years. It was going to take time for my body to adjust and to start doing what it was designed to do naturally.

Shortly after stopping the anti depressant, I came across Magnus Mulliner who has been a great motivator, inspiration and friend. Magnus introduced me to metabolic typing and really got me thinking about what I am/have been putting into my body. When my test results came back, I found out that I had extremely high levels of arsenic in my body and through a process of elimination and further investigation, I found that the arsenic was coming from the e-cigarette I had been using for the past five years. Magnus told me that in twenty three years of practice, he had never seen such high levels of arsenic. What I really liked about working with Magnus, was that he shares his extensive knowledge and wisdom, then left me to make my own choices about what action to take, if any. I choose to take onboard his suggestions and take advantage of the knowledge Magnus had shared with me. I had after all paid a substantial amount of money for the knowledge gained both from Magnus and the tests we had carried out, so to do otherwise would have felt like I had completely wasted my money.

It did take some time to finally let go of the e-cigarette, but one of the greatest gifts that Magnus gave me was a reminder that life is a journey. It had taken me forty four years to get to where I was and therefore it was going to take time to make the necessary changes, so we broke everything down into small, manageable goals. I started by eliminating the foods that were indicated in my report as being unhelpful to my body and I found that once I had set the intention to do so, the process was relatively simple and painless. The next step for me to to purchase and install an osmosis water filtration system and increase my daily water intake. Later on, I discovered the benefits of infusing my drinking water in raw fruits and vegetables, including the skins, which we normally throw away. With every small step, I quickly noticed benefits in my health and wellbeing. I had more energy, was sleeping better for longer, feeling less lethargic and it seemed the excess weight my body was carrying was just falling off naturally and this is without doing any strict kind of exercise regime. Six months down the line, I have lost 37lbs of excess weight, have substantially more energy, feel a lot more confident and better about myself, my body is doing what it was naturally designed to do, I meditate and give gratitude for all that I have everyday and have discovered a great passion for writing. In fact, I am currently writing my first book.

Last weekend, I had a profound spiritual experience. I saw that I have created all of my life experiences, including those I have judged as negative, someone else’s fault and the reason I did this, was so that I could come to know who I truly am. A spiritual being having a human experience. For the vast majority of my life, I have been acting/re-acting not from my true self, but from my false self, my ego. I now realise, that I am the creator of my own destiny and in all aspects of life, that which I choose, I create. Therefore, the aspects of my life which I do not like, I simply choose to change and that which I focus on, I create. For example, it is a great passion of mine to live in a society where everyone is truly equal and given an equal chance to prosper. I perceive that this is not currently the case, because that is what I believe and focus on. So in order to achieve my ambition, rather than fight/campaign against that with which I do not like/agree, which only re-affirms what is, I simply choose to focus my attention and energy on that which I do want.When I chose not to be in collusion with my family of origin, that is what I created. When I chose not to put copious amounts of narcotics and alcohol into my body on a daily basis, that is what I created. Equally so, when I chose not to put prescribed “medication” into my body and to pay conscious attention to the type of fuel I was putting into my body. It all comes down to choices and taking RESPONSIBILITY for myself and that which I create.

I realise that if anyone is going to change my perception of reality, it is not going to be Magnus, my GP, a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, spiritual healer, motivator, published author, or anyone other than me. This is why I have set the intention to host a national event in the spring of 2017 entitled “What kind of society do you want to live in?” because I truly believe that if we do not like the society in which we now live, each and everyone of us have the ability to change it. However, change will not come about by fighting against and focusing on what we already have, but rather by creating something different. I believe it is necessary that we know what it is we do want and this will be the focus of the spring event. If enough of us take individual responsibility for that which we create, we can change reality.

“Last weekend I met my true self and I love him” Damien Quigg